I think it's time we get introduced to each other!
Long enough have I been travelling all kinds of aspects in the world of http to experience... AND LEARN

Telnet works fine for many and has it's benefits. I admit it.
And the POP3 protocol for emails are another science in itself.
After all, I come to love ALL THE SPAM I GET, and it's quite a bit. I say!!!
  Since it provides so many useful insights, FRIENDS!

My name is: Lars Ørum Rønn
Unquestionably!    ... Double Monkey!

I started as a novice in the science of computations with my Commodore a dozen of years back in the '80's.
And I started hated it right away. That's my opinion!

But it has another side of the coin. I just won't give in to it.
Till now!

Humans, boundering species in data...

The world of computation, I agree, has taken a leap forward since then. The Days of Pacman and Dario !! !! !
Since the days of 3DO and the New World Computing Games that came after and so captured my admiration
above all.

"Mandate of Heaven", "For Blood and Honour", "Day of Destroyer" are now almost forgotten RPG games
in a far more advanced gaming universe. Today I try getting a hold on the very setup of those games while they are
so beautiful in simplicity and yet tell such a captivating story!

Yes! Captivating.
It's like The One Ring of Power within the LOtR Universe.
It consumes. Takes over the Will of its wielder.

And I feel alot like that while adressing Might and Magic.

I have been waiting for the last One in the Sequel being X since 1999. I search for it. Always, I look for it.
It wants its master and say, I do say, I too do WANTS it. c",)

Not to mention, Heroes of Might and Magic.
But that's triffles.    Indeed compared .

I'm a resident within the Nation of Denmark. Its quite old.
And I abide with the long history and the outrageous inextricably entertwining relationships of its roots and the
present which is mine. And to a extended degree yet if not more today than then appears in a state of complete
alienation or confusion say conflux in regard of that very own constituency of Denmarks;  its past and its presence. Beholding I am. Yet again. Many features from abroad and foreign countries are vast. Beyond dispute.

I'll [not] dwell with it. I use an outlook to the entire world in daily practice. I am cosmopolitic. Nothing.

Today. I have decided to build my website to provide a portal into me and the universe I work my mind within.
Because it's necessary. And I feel obliged by my own commitments to so many people out there though I've merely
ever seen any but my very own family a few friends mates colleagues and that's it. In my life. So, the buildup input!

I'll call it to fix some issues about who I am. What I do.
Build those topics for you to browse so you get that justified anticipation about my person. Fixed and readable.

In terms of education I'd say I've come a step forward in progress along with my age on a balanced scale.
And I've had a peek into a few corners of quite some society issues.

I have used the market of employment extensively in a manner approaching to mere exploitation on the sole base
of getting acquainted with its snags and catches. In danish we realize it to be a hage.

That insight and knowledge which is held thus      I can use. And I can use you like you me.
To achieve [our] goals. Which are not the same. And which don't look alike each other. Ever!
On my website. You'll scimm it. Surf it in a splitsecond. And travel to another point very quickly. And whether
this connection will leave a deeper or completely superficial trace on any of us. Who can tell!

I choose english for the presentation of my world. Whilst it's the most common the most frequent employed of all human languages in the age of http AD 2009 SOON 2010.

Timescopes are issues I handle very lightly at public occasions since
it imply the most comprehensive oppresive danger to anyone in terms of mind.

I use my time to dig in computation and overcome it seems like nothing though still. It's quite a bit...

Walle Borg Jade
Battle Gig
l ForrådneIse